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The Bushcraft Bedroll: 10 Best For Cowboy Camping

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Are you looking for the perfect companion for a blissful night under the stars? A bushcraft bedroll could be just what you need for those exciting cowboy camping escapades.

A well-chosen bushcraft bedroll, like those made of 10 oz. cotton canvas or bundled up with premium leather straps and made with the traditions from days of the old west, can put your mind at ease, offering a comfortable and reliable option for even the coldest nights.

Luckily, we’re here to explore ten of the best bushcraft bedrolls for cowboy camping, all suited to help you stay comfortable, warm, and ready for whatever nature throws your way.

Let’s find the one that’ll have you dreaming of starry nights, exciting adventures, and the thrill of embracing the elements!

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The 10 Best Bushcraft Bedrolls

Now let’s explore our carefully selected list of top bushcraft bedrolls.

1. TrailMax Canvas Cavalry-Style Cowboy Bedroll

Material: Cotton duck preshrunk canvas

Size: ‎84" x 33"

Weight: 5 pounds

  • Durable premium materials
  • Designed for a comfortable outdoor sleep
  • Roomy with generous head flap and sleeping pad pocket
  • Bulkier than other bedrolls
  • Slightly on the heavier side

The TrailMax Canvas Cavalry-Style Cowboy Bedroll is a remarkable option for those on the hunt for a comfortable and resilient sleeping arrangement for the great outdoors.

Crafted from robust cotton duck canvas and lined with pure cotton flannel, this bedroll promises a warm, comfortable rest even during chillier nights.

Engineered with outdoor sleeping in mind, the canvas functions effectively to deter dew and frost from accumulating on the sleeping bags, while its breathability permits moisture to dissipate, ensuring a dry, toasty night’s sleep.

However, its bulk and heft may not be suitable for backpackers or those who want a more compact rest solution, making it better suited to car camping, horseback camping, or motorbike expeditions.

The TrailMax Canvas Cavalry-Style Cowboy Bedroll is a splendid choice for a snug and inviting outdoor rest. Its superior materials and considerate design make it an ideal pick for anyone seeking to enhance their camping experience.

2. TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Sleeping Bag

Material: Cotton, flannel

Size: 92” x 39”

Weight: 20 pounds

  • Comfortable and warm for all seasons
  • Durable water-resistant canvas shell
  • Soft, removable cotton flannel lining
  • Heavy and bulky
  • Attracts pet hair

This TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Sleeping Bag offers warm and comfortable sleep suitable for all-season camping.

The soft flannel lining and mummy-style hood made for a snug and comfortable night’s sleep, even in chilly temperatures. It feels soft and inviting. 

Also, the innovative fiber fill and draft tubes work together to keep you warm during your camping adventures.

At 20 pounds, it’s quite hefty, and the bulky design could hinder portability. But if you’re mainly car camping or staying at a campsite close to vehicular access, this factor shouldn’t be a deal-breaker.

Despite its weight and bulkiness, it’s perfect for car camping or short-distance trips. Its durable construction and cozy lining will make for a restful and enjoyable night under the stars.

3. BETTER HABITAT Sleep Ready Portable Floor Bed

Material: Memory foam, cotton

Size: 75” x 36”

Weight: 17 pounds

  • Easy setup and rollaway design
  • Quality memory foam for comfort
  • Certi-PUR-US certified materials
  • May be too soft for some sleepers
  • Not suitable for backpacking trips

The BETTER HABITAT SleepReady Portable Floor Mattress is a compelling choice if you’re in need of a comfortable and handy option for accommodating guests or for your camping excursions.

Sporting a compact design that’s a cinch to set up, this mattress comes complete with a waterproof bamboo sheet and a non-slip, water-resistant bottom, making it a suitable choice for both indoors and the great outdoors.

Unrolling this mattress couldn’t be simpler; all you have to do is unclip it and roll it out. Its 3-inch memory foam offers commendable comfort and support, providing relief for joint pain — a noteworthy feature in a portable mattress. However, some sleepers might find it to be too soft for their liking.

Additionally, its thickness might not be sufficient if you plan to use it as your primary sleeping surface for an extended period.

4. TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Camp Pad

Material: 300D Polyester Canvas

Size: 82” x 38”

Weight: 9 pounds

  • Highly comfortable open-cell foam pad
  • Provides extra insulation for warmth
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Might not be suitable as a standalone ground pad
  • Can be too warm for some sleepers

The TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Camp Pad features a comfortable open-cell foam pad which can morph into a snug makeshift bed, providing you a familiar feel of your own bed.

The pad also has an added layer of insulation, which will keep you warm and snug while sleeping. It’s also lightweight and easy to carry using its roll-up straps and compression buckles.

However, when you use it solely as a ground pad, you might sink straight through it. This feature is something to consider when choosing a camp pad for your specific needs.

Though it may not be the perfect fit for everyone, it’s definitely worth considering for those who value a good night’s sleep in the great outdoors.

Also Great
5. TETON Sports Deer Hunter Sleeping Bag

Material: 600D polyester canvas

Size: 90” x 39”

Weight: 10.45 pounds

  • Durable water-resistant canvas shell
  • Warm in extreme cold due to innovative fiber fill
  • Comfortable and soft poly-flannel lining
  • Bulky and heavyweight
  • Limited mobility due to rectangular shape

If you’re in the market for a spacious and warm bushcraft bedroll for your adventures, the TETON Sports Deer Hunter Sleeping Bag is a great choice.

Even on a freezing, rainy night, the  TETON Sports Deer Hunter Sleeping Bag will keep you  warm and snug, thanks to the high-quality canvas shell and innovative fiber fill. It also has a soft poly-flannel lining that feels luxuriously plush.

This sleeping bag is quite bulky and heavy. So it isn’t particularly designed for backpacking adventures. However, it’s perfect for car camping.

Another small downside is the rectangular shape which can restrict mobility. Some people might prefer a mummy-style bag for a more anatomical fit, but if you’re looking for extra space, the Deer Hunter provides that.

Though it may not suit those looking for a lightweight, packable option, the TETON Sports Deer Hunter Sleeping Bag has a durable construction and premium materials to ensure it will last for many adventures to come. 

6. WELLAX Sleeping Pad - Foam Camping Mats

Material: Memory foam, foam

Size: 77” x 27”

Weight: 5.95 pounds

  • UltraFlex Memory Foam provides excellent support
  • Compact and lightweight for easy transport
  • Durable, waterproof, and tear-resistant design
  • May be heavy and bulky
  • Deflating and packing can be difficult

The WELLAX Sleeping Pad boasts high-quality materials and construction. It has an UltraFlex Memory Foam that provides superior comfort, offering support for the back, which adapts to your body shape. This will make your camping nights feel more like sleeping at home.

One of the standout features of this sleeping pad is its compactness and lightweight design. It’s easy to roll it up and secure it with the included straps, making it convenient for car camping trips.

The durability and weather resistance of the WELLAX Sleeping Pad is another major plus. You can use it in various environments, including wet and cold conditions, without experiencing any issues.

So if comfort and durability are your top priorities for a camping bushcraft bedroll, the WELLAX Sleeping Pad is a solid choice. However, keep in mind that it is best suited for car camping, as its size and weight may not be ideal for backpacking trips.

7. Coleman Dunnock Cold Weather Adult Sleeping Bag

Material: Cotton

Size: 81” x 39”

Weight: 9.2 pounds

  • Comfortable and spacious for people up to 6 feet 4 inches tall
  • Effective in temperatures as low as 20 degrees F
  • Thoughtful design features, such as ZipPlow and Wrap 'N Roll systems
  • May be too bulky for backpacking trips
  • Might be too thin for some

The Coleman Dunnock Cold Weather Sleeping Bag is known for its comfort, warmth, and durability in cold temperatures.

Not only does it have a classic and stylish design, but its cotton covers and soft flannel liner will make you feel cozy even on chilly nights.

It features a ZipPlow system, which makes it easy to zip up and close without any snagging — an issue often encountered with other bags.

Also, the Roll Control design and Wrap ‘N Roll integrated packing system make it simple to roll up and secure for storage after use.

It’s the perfect bushcraft bedroll for car camping or other outdoor adventures where portability isn’t the primary concern.

8. Woolly Mammoth Merino Wool Blanket

Material: 80% wool, 12% polyester, 5% nylon, 3% other fibers

Size: 90” x 66”

Weight: 4 pounds

  • Merino wool warmth
  • Multifunctional for various outdoor activities
  • Durable edging and finish
  • Slightly itchy texture
  • Strong initial odor

Designed with a generous size, this blanket will keep you warm and toasty during colder nights. The 80% merino wool composition provides instant warmth while also being water-resistant, breathable, and temperature-regulating.

What sets this blanket roll apart from others is its versatility. It’s perfect for situations such as camping, hiking, fishing, or even simply keeping it in the trunk of the car as a utility blanket for emergencies.

The double-stitched edging and thick yarn whipstitch ensure durability for years to come. It’s also worth mentioning that the initial odor upon opening the packaging is quite strong. However, it will dissipate over time.

Keep in mind that proper care includes spot cleaning and avoiding machine washes, as they may damage the wool fibers.

9. Arcturus Military Wool Blanket

Material: Wool

Size: 88” x 64”

Weight: 4.5 pounds

  • Triple-washed for softness and hygiene
  • Naturally fire-retardant and no added chemicals
  • Large size is perfect for multiple uses
  • May shed some wool fibers
  • Heavier than some alternatives

The Arcturus Military Wool Blanket is very soft and has a clean smell from being triple-washed during its production. This feature makes it different from other cheaply made blankets, as it provides better hygiene and less shedding.

The naturally fire-retardant characteristic of the wool fabric gives you a peace of mind while sitting around the campfire.

You also don’t have to worry about any stray sparks landing on it because it was already safe and chemical-free. This feature sets the Arcturus blanket apart from other options that rely on chemical treatments to achieve the same effect.

The large size of this blanket is perfect for keeping you warm during chilly nights and providing enough room to snuggle up comfortably.

Budget Pick
10. Farm Blue Coyote Army Camping Blanket Tactical Woobie Blanket

Material: Polyester

Size: 82” x 57”

Weight: 1.5 pounds

  • Robust construction
  • Versatile to use
  • Suitable for all weather conditions
  • Convenient to pack and carry
  • May be too lightweight for some
  • The blanket's thickness might not be adequate for extended periods in harsh conditions

The Farm Blue Military Woobie Blanket is made with a 100 percent polyester shell and insulation. This US Army-grade piece of kit is designed for durability and resilience.

It’s a versatile survival tool that can be used as a lightweight warmth provider on those chilly nights or even as an emergency poncho liner.

The Farm Blue blanket can also double up as a makeshift tent, a pet blanket to keep your car clean, or even as an emergency sleeping bag, thanks to the included corner tie-cords.

When it’s time to pack up, simply roll it up into its bonus matching drawstring bag, and you’re ready for your next adventure.

Woman relaxing on her bushcraft bedroll.

What Is A Bushcraft Bedroll?

A bushcraft bedroll is a special type of sleeping bag that is designed for use outdoors. It’s made from durable materials that can withstand the elements and has features that allow you to set it up quickly and easily.

Unlike a traditional sleeping bag, a bushcraft bedroll is designed to be used with a ground pad or tarp to provide extra insulation and protection from the ground.

So, why should you get a bushcraft bedroll? Well, if you’re someone who loves spending time in the great outdoors, whether it’s camping, hiking, or bushcraft, a bedroll is an essential piece of gear. It provides you with a comfortable place to sleep and protects you from the elements.

Plus, it’s much more versatile than a traditional sleeping bag, as you can use it in a variety of different ways.

For example, you can use a bushcraft bedroll as a shelter by draping it over a rope or between two trees to create a simple A-frame shelter.

You can also use it as a ground cover or tarp to protect your gear from the elements.

And, of course, you can use it as a sleeping bag to keep you warm and comfortable throughout the night.

What To Consider When Buying A Bushcraft Bedroll

When looking for the perfect bushcraft bedroll, there are several factors to consider. Here are the key features to look for and help you make an informed decision.


A bedroll’s material is crucial for comfort and durability. 

Materials such as canvas, ripstop nylon, or polyester strike the right balance between weight, strength, and water resistance.

Remember, lighter materials like 7 oz. cotton canvas might be easier to carry, but may not offer the same durability as heavier counterparts.


Consider both the packed and unfolded size of the bushcraft bedroll.

How compact is the bedroll when packed? Does it fit neatly into your backpack or need its own carry solution like premium leather straps? Once unfurled, is it of regular size or large enough to offer a comfortable sleeping space?

Keeping a note of these measurements while shopping will help you pick a bushcraft bedroll suited to your needs.

When it comes to the packed size, you’ll want something that is compact and can easily fit in your backpack. When shopping, take note of these measurements and choose a bedroll that suits your needs.


When out in the wilderness, every ounce you carry makes a difference. That’s why it’s essential to choose a bushcraft bedroll with an appropriate weight.

Weight is an essential factor, especially when you’re trekking long distances in good weather.

Each additional ounce becomes noticeable, so choose a bedroll weight that aligns with your physical capabilities and trip length.

Remember, however, that weight often correlates with comfort and durability, meaning a lightweight solution might not withstand many cold nights. It’s a matter of finding the right balance.


The quality of insulation in the bedroll you choose plays a significant role in keeping you warm and comfortable throughout the night.


Look for options that provide adequate insulation for the expected weather conditions, such as synthetic materials like polyester and synthetic down, which often provide good insulation while remaining lightweight.


Nobody wants to sleep on a damp bed, so it’s essential to choose a water-resistant bed roll. Some materials and coatings offer better water resistance than others.

Opt for bedrolls with a waterproof coating or those made from water-resistant fabrics like waxed canvas or coated nylon. After all, nobody wants a damp bedroll ruining their car camping experience.

Ease Of Setup

Time is precious out in the wild, and you don’t want to spend ages setting up your bedroll. So look for options with a straightforward setup process.

Some bedrolls come with elastic straps or cords that make it easy to anchor them to the ground or tie them up between trees.

Photo of a bedroll with blankets on top.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you properly roll up a bedroll?

To roll up a bedroll, first, ensure that the groundsheet is clean and dry. Then lay the bedroll out flat, with the canvas on top and the insulation layer beneath.

Fold the edges inward and tightly roll the bedroll, squeezing out any air along the way. Once rolled, secure it with straps or paracord to maintain its shape during transport.

What size groundsheet is needed for a bedding roll?

The size of the groundsheet required depends on the dimensions of the canvas and insulation layers.

Ideally, the groundsheet should be slightly larger than the canvas to ensure adequate protection from the ground.

When in doubt, it’s better to opt for a larger size, as any excess material can always be tucked underneath the bedroll for added protection.

What materials are best for making a bedroll?

When making a bedroll, it’s essential to choose materials that are durable, water-resistant, and comfortable. Commonly used materials include canvas, ripstop nylon, and heavy-duty polyester.

Canvas is a popular choice due to its durability and breathability. However, synthetic materials like ripstop nylon and polyester also provide excellent protection and are often lighter in weight.

How to create a canvas bedroll?

Here’s how to create a canvas bedroll:

  1. Start by cutting a large piece of canvas to the desired size.

  2. Fold the edges inward and sew them securely to prevent fraying.

  3. Add a layer of insulation like wool or synthetic blankets.

  4. Place a waterproof groundsheet, such as a tarp or plastic sheet, beneath the canvas before rolling it all up and securing it with straps or paracord.

How does a bedroll compare to a sleeping bag?

A bedroll is typically more versatile and modular than a sleeping bag, as it can be customized to suit personal preferences and different types of weather.

Bedrolls are also generally easier to maintain and repair.

However, sleeping bags offer a greater specificity in their temperature ratings and typically provide more insulation for colder environments.

Photo of different sleeping bags.

The Bushcraft Bedroll: Key Takeaways

From the traditional hutchins roll to the more modern style bedroll, these versatile sleep systems can be tailored to suit your needs, whether you’re car camping or trekking long distances in good weather.

A great bushcraft bedroll usually includes a water resistant material, like an 10oz cotton canvas ground mat or a canvas bedroll, paired with a nice wool blanket.

Premium leather straps also help hold your gear in place, and the weight can make a significant difference when it comes to comfort and portability.

No matter your choice, a well-prepared bedroll ensures you’re ready to make the most of your next adventure in the great outdoors.

Investing in a good bushcraft bedroll can not only improve comfort during your outdoor excursions but also enhance your emergency preparedness and survival skills.

So gear up and get ready to conquer the wilderness with the best bushcraft bedroll that suits our needs.

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